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Washing & Care instructions
Keepin' your stuff all fancible


Ok, so lets assume that we are all adults here. You have done some laundry in your life time and you know the basics of the whole detergent and water thing. Listed below are a few guidelines on how to keep your garmet, and it's fine looking print, all fancible & new looking for a spell.


We recommend washing your shirts BEFORE you wear it the first time. This removes any remaing oils or residues left behind by the silkscreening process.


The Basics:

Turn the shirt(s) inside out and machine wash with like colors in cool or warm water using a mild detergent. NEVER use chlorine bleach! Tumble dry on a LOW setting, remove promptly and hang up when done. Pretty simple.


If you need to iron the shirt (not payin' attention to the "remove promptly" thing were you) use a LOW setting but NEVER EVER iron directly over the print. The inks used to print you fancible new shirt are called "Plastisol's". What this means is that there are plastic binding agents in the inks and when we cure (dry) the ink we heat it to 350 degrees. This melts the palstics into the fibers of the shirt thus producing a soft and flexible print so that it can move with the fabric. If you use an iron directly over the print you can "remelt" the ink and cause it to smear and/or come off onto your iron or ironing board. In addition to those unpleasant things, you will over dry the print and it can become brittle and start to flake off over time. So NO ironing directly on the print, OK?!


A quick note about washing & drying the heavy cotton/canvas bags:

More specifically, the Grocery and Lunch Bags.

Spot clean. Spot clean. SPOT CLEAN!

Avoid washing these things like the PLAUGE! It is their inherent nature to shrink when washed. The cotton/canvas is a wide heavy weave so soaking them in water for any period of time will tighten up the fabric and make them shrink. If you do need to wash them, use only COLD water and be prepared for at least a 20% reduction in size. Now, if you really want to make it smaller, toss 'em in the dryer. It's almost garaunteed that you will end up with 40% to 50% shrinkage. So if you do wash them, hang drip dry only. To soften them up again - just give 'em a little beating when dry. Follow the shirt care instuctions above in regards to detergent, bleaching and ironing.

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